[ntp:questions] System clock

Danny Mayer mayer at gis.net
Sat Oct 8 03:31:28 UTC 2005

SivaKumar Subramani wrote:
> Brad,
> Thanks for your reply.
> Actually my requirement is to run a clock  which can be controlled by NTP
> daemon process. 

That's the system clock.

I  want NTP to manage the clock functionality to do on my
> clock not on the system clock.

What is your clock if it isn't the system clock?

> Actually a virtual clock shall be maintained by
> the NTP daemon process with system clock functionality.

Well NTP already does that. That's how it figures out by how much to 
adjust the system clock.

  Because the system
> clock shall be controlled by some other program in the network,

No, your clock MUST be controlled by a process running on the same 
platform. If that process get information or instructions from somewhere 
else that is irrelevant since NTP already does that.

  this shall
> distribute the TOD to the entire network including my processor. This TOD
> clock sometime may be set by the user manually.


This TOD process shall get the
> time info from the NTP process, the clock we mention here.

If you get this from NTP you cannot set the clock manually since NTP 
will correct the clock.

  Is there any
> provision in the existing NTP to implement this functionality or we need to
> add some source to have this functionality done.

What functionality are you asking about? Do you understand your own 

> We want this NTP clock should be an isolated one. We do not want NTP to set
> system clock.

NTP can run in an isolated network but it makes no sense to not set the 
clock. You can prevent it from setting the system clock but then you are 
running NTP for no clear purpose.

> I've attached the architecture diagram to make it further clear on the
> requirement.

You cannot attach anything to the mailing list. Post a URL which points 
to the diagram.

  My intention is not to modify the source and finding out the
> implementation options from the NTP experts to implement this.
> Thanks
> Sivakumar

What's the real purpose behind this. What are you really trying to do?


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