[ntp:questions] Re: System clock

Richard B. Gilbert rgilbert88 at comcast.net
Sat Oct 8 11:00:02 UTC 2005

SivaKumar Subramani wrote:

>The requirement is to run a separate clock by the NTP process, which has all the
>capability of system clock processing ( Simulator of a system clock all together).
>As you very clearly said, we need to modify the kernel, by writing wrapper to
>system call functions or replace entire kernel calls w.r.to the system time
>management calls to implement the functionality of the system clock. This shall be
>in the user space program.
>Our architecture running in a heterogeneous OS network, like our processors is the
>ONLY one running solaris OS and the other procs are running on different OS like
>cekos,lynxOS...etc.,. The TOD distribution program running in LynxOS...this has to
>be retained as it is without disturbing the existing architecture. As you said the
>requirement specification itself looks like complicated, but we have to go with
>Any comments on this requirement further. I hope the requirement is very clear
>now.I'm looking for suggestion and design input to implement system clock
>processing in the user space program.
>Thanks in advance for your  design inputs.
You still have not explained what problem these requirements are 
supposed to solve; e.g. why do you need to leave the system clock 
untouched AND have a second clock from which to get the time?

As you have stated your requirements, ntpd is not the right tool for the 

You might consider installing a hardware clock such as the Symmetricom 
BC637.  You can read the correct time from it and would not need to set 
the system clock.  The BC637 is expensive but probably far less so than 
rewriting ntpd and the operating system!

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