[ntp:questions] Deadline soon for leap second comments

Danny Mayer mayer at ntp.isc.org
Mon Oct 10 03:09:05 UTC 2005


There is a discussion that recently started in the IETF NTP Working 
Group. The issues regarding this should be discussed there: 
ntpwg at lists.ntp.isc.org. You need to sign up if you are not a member of 
the mailing list.


Chris Steyaert wrote:
> From:       seaman at noao.edu
> Subject:     Deadline soon for leap second comments
> Date:     October 7, 2005 10:03:56 AM MST
> To:       all-noao-all at noao.edu
> Hello,
>      Over the summer I forwarded an announcement of a major pending  
> timekeeping decision of particular interest to astronomers. A very  
> real proposal has been made by the US representatives to the  
> International Telecommunications Union to cease issuing leap  
> seconds.  As a result, Civil Time worldwide would no longer reflect  
> the orientation of the Earth with respect to the Sun.
>      Several individuals from the astronomical community registered  
> their opinions at that time.  As a result, the US proposal has been  
> modified - but only to slightly lengthen the implementation period;  
> the goal of eliminating leap seconds has been reaffirmed.  The new  
> proposal is described here:
>      http://www.ucolick.org/~sla/leapsecs/nc1985wp7a.html
> The period of public review ends on 14 October.  The link above  
> provides arguments against the proposal, along with contact  
> information and other links.  I am unaware of any similar web  
> resource supporting the proposal.  You may register your opinions on  
> this proposal with Wayne Hanson of the NIST and Cecily Holiday of the  
> U.S. Department of State:
>      Hanson, D Wayne (Boulder)
>      (303) 497-5233
>      NIST
>      Mailcode 847.00
>      325 Broadway, Boulder, CO 80305-3328
>      wayne.hanson at nist.gov
>      Ms. Cecily C. Holiday
>      (202) 647-0051
>      National Committee
>      Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs
>      2201 C St., NW, Room 2529
>      Department of State
>      Washington, DC 20520
>      I suspect many remain unsure of the details of this esoteric  
> issue and are perhaps reticent to express an opinion.  Steve Allen of  
> Lick Observatory provided the link above and I also commend you to  
> his excellent resource on UTC and leap second issues:
>      http://www.ucolick.org/~sla/leapsecs
> But more importantly, a key fact regarding this issue is precisely  
> the rush to reach a decision before all interested parties can be  
> informed and engaged in the process. 

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