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David L. Mills mills at udel.edu
Sat Oct 15 16:10:27 UTC 2005


My message you quote means precisely what it says, nothing more, nothing 
less. While the leap warning bits happen to be set now per NIST leap 
second table, the leap will not be executed until the time so carefully 
spelled out in my message.

All NTP servers in range of the subnet carefully and purposely display 
the leap warning. Those that use the NIST table will show it now until 1 
January 2006. Those that derive it from a reference clock will show it 
when the clock shows it. The leap will actually be implemented as 
stated. The code was last verified using the WWV leap warning at the end 
of 1998.


Greg Dowd wrote:

> That would be a big problem if the ntp servers are broadcasting leap
> warning now.  
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> Subject: Re: ntp servers reporting leap second
> 	erroneously?
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> Rex,
> What makes you think this is a problem? The leap second display is
> entirely and with emphasis purposeful. There is in fact a leap second
> intended for the end of the year. The NTP servers will in fact show that
> indication exactly as intended. On the last day of this year the kernel
> of those compliant systems will be advised of the leap and those kernels
> will implement it on the last second of the year. Those kernels that do
> not implement the leap will observe the leap in 900 seconds and then
> regain accurate synchronization. What is your problem?
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