[ntp:questions] NEMA driver on Fedora Core 3 or 4

Hal Murray hmurray at suespammers.org
Mon Oct 17 10:02:10 UTC 2005

Anybody got one running happily?

I've got a GPSClock 200.  The serial port is off by 500 or 600 ms.

That's running FC 4.  I've got a similar setup at work running FC 3.
It has the same quirk.

Both systems are recent Dell PCs: P4/Xeon with hyperthreading.

I tried the non-SMP kernel.  That didn't change anything.

I'm pretty sure the GPS hardware is OK since I get the right
answer from the other half of the splitter on the serial cable
which is plugged into an old system.

I do get sensible results on the new system with a HP Z3801A.

I'm talking about the serial port, not the PPS signal.  (So
this isn't a PPS inversion mixup.)

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