[ntp:questions] New Version of the Windows Installer for NTP available

Heiko Gerstung heiko.gerstung_removeme_ at meinberg.de
Thu Oct 20 11:20:17 UTC 2005

Hi everybody,

I just uploaded a brand new version of our NTP Installer for Windows, 
including a number of fixes / changes:

- Now set "Password never expires" when creating a user
( fix for https://ntp.isc.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=513 )
- Check if "Password never expires" is set when using an existing 
account or upgrading files
- NTPD is deleted without REBOOTOK flag (no reboot needed anymore) when 
- Changed Info URL in uninstall panel
- Stopping ntpd and retry a few times before throwing an error (fixes 
problems with systems where it takes some time to stop the service)
- Now use predefined server sets for almost any country defined as a 
pool zone
- Save W32Time status and restore it at uninstall time
- Only use "Tcpip" as a dependency for starting the service

Regarding the predefined server sets:
For every country a set of five servers has been defined by me. The set 
for a country xx normally contains 0.xx.pool.ntp.org, 1.xx.pool.ntp.org, 
2.xx.ntp.org, 0.yy.pool.ntp.org and 2.zz.pool.ntp.org, where xx is the 
code of the country and yy and zz are codes of "near" countries 
(network-wise). For example for Europe yy and zz mostly are from de, nl 
or uk, because those countries maintain good network links into the 
other european countries. If a country does only have one or two pool 
servers available, I used those and three neighbor country servers.

Included in this Installer is a brand new version of NTP, taken from the 
October 16 tarball. Because the ntpdate version in this tarball does not 
run on Windows, we included a patched version fixing that. The 
corresponding bug and its details can be found here:

All the rest of the files is vanilla 4.2.0b at 1.1417-20051016 ...

You can download this new version, which we consider being a release 
candidate for the installer of the upcoming stable 4.2.1 ntp version, 
from our NTP download page:


Previous versions are available from the archive (see link on the 
download page).

My colleague Gregoire Diehl created a nice NTP manager application 
called "Meinberg Time Server Monitor". It includes a "graphical ntpq", 
statistical diagrams, service control functions (start/stop/restart 
ntpd) and other useful features. If you run ntpd on a Windows machine, 
you should give it a try. It's free, just like the installer and you can 
find it on the same download page.

As always, feedback is very much appreciated. Please use our "ntpsupport 
at meinberg.de" mail address for your comments and questions.

Kind regards,

Meinberg radio clocks: 25 years of accurate time worldwide

MEINBERG Radio Clocks

Stand alone ntp time servers and radio clocks based on GPS, DCF77 and 
IRIG. Rackmount and desktop versions and PCI slot cards.

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