[ntp:questions] Windows Installer: Your bugs pleeeze

Heiko Gerstung heiko.gerstung_removeme_ at meinberg.de
Thu Oct 20 11:54:43 UTC 2005

To Bug or Not To Bug ...

This is to announce that we just started tracking bugs related to my 
Windows Installer for NTP in the NTP Bugzilla system on 
http://bugs.ntp.isc.org, where all ntp related bugs are supposed to be 

Before you report a bug, please try to search for it in order to make 
sure that you are the first one who is reporting a specific issue. 
Duplicates are one of the great challenges a public bugtracking system 
faces nowadays.

In order to file a bug, choose "Enter a new bug report" at the bugzilla 
starting page (or directly jump to https://ntp.isc.org/bugs/enter_bug.cgi).

You then need to pick a product, this would be "ntp" in our case.

Afterwards, in the "Enter bug" webform you can enter all the details and 
a bug description. If your bug is related to the installer, you can 
choose "Windows GUI installer" from the "Component" select box. If you 
want to report a problem concerning ntpd or any other part of the NTP 
distribution, please choose "ntpd" or "other" from that list. Finding 
out what causes the problem might be a problem sometimes. As a general 
rule of thumb, just point at the installer whenever things are going 
wrong during installation or if you have problems starting the NTP 
Service you installed using the GUI installer. As long as the NTP 
service gets installed and starts properly, you should maybe pick ntpd 
or "other" as the affected component (do not worry if you are hitting 
the wrong button here, we are able to correct that afterwards if necessary).

Please do not forget to select which operating system you are running 
and include the exact name of the "setup.exe" file you downloaded from 
our webpage. Sometimes (especially when it comes to problems with 
starting/stopping/installing the NTP service) it may be useful to 
include any NTP related entries in your event log (system and application).

I'd like to encourage you all to report your bugs, not only the 
installer related ones, using this great tracking tool. This is really 
getting useful in terms of keeping a record of what was done and what 
has to be done, as well as a nice archive of problems and fixes for 
generations to come (some people would call that a kind of knowledgebase 
I guess).

Kind regards,

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