[ntp:questions] Re: ntp servers reporting leap second erroneously?

Tom Van Baak tvb at leapsecond.com
Sun Oct 23 01:54:06 UTC 2005

> The DUT1 does take on negative and positive values as the TAI offset
> wanders; however, the broadcast timecodes of WWV/H and WWVB have only
> four bits, one of them the sign. There is no provision for a delete
> second. So, if the UT1 moves north instead of south, more than 0.7 s
> would be lost.

Dave, I think we've been through this before. The NIST
radio timecode can handle either insertion or deletion
of leap seconds. The LS bit tells you if a leap second
is pending; the sign of DUT1 bit(s) tell you if the leap
is positive (inserted) or negative (deleted). So there is
provision; there is no problem.


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