[ntp:questions] Re: Correcting my time servers clock drift on Alpha ES40s / Tru64

Tom Smith smith at cag.zko.hp.com
Sun Oct 23 05:42:48 UTC 2005

David L. Mills wrote:
> Brett,
> The comments you show in the log do not occur in the version that leaves 
> here, so your code has been modified. Rather more intersting is the 
> verison claimed in the log is NTPv4 (ntpd), not NTPv3 (xntpd).
> I don't know what your intention is with the log trace, which is not a 
> good measure of perforance. See the documentation on ntpq in the 
> distribution.
> There are no man pages in the distribution. I don't know where you are 
> findng them. The official documentation from me is in html.
> Dave


[after some rooting around]
I think the log messages you can't find are probably messages that have
changed since 4.0.98a in ntp_loopfilter.c regarding the state of the kernel
PLL. The rest all seem to be in the currently released source.

Every commercial OS distribution I know of that includes NTP calls
it "xntpd" to provide upwards compatibility for end-user scripts,
etc. Linux is the only UNIX-like distribution I am familiar with that
provides "ntpd", and, even so, some distributions still provide at least
a link to "xntpd". This is all regardless of version. The SUSE Linux RPM
for ntp, for example, is named "xntp-4.2.0a...".

man pages are usually, if not always, provided as transcripts of the
HTML-only documentation to fit into the conventional UNIX documentation
scheme that users are familiar with. I know these exist on Tru64,
HP-UX, Solaris, and Linux, but I'm sure a Google search for xntpd(1)
would find a lot more of them.


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