[ntp:questions] Re: Correcting my time servers clock drift on Alpha ES40s / Tru64

David L. Mills mills at udel.edu
Sun Oct 23 13:54:14 UTC 2005


NTPv3 (xntpd) is not supported by me or the Corps. Whether xntpd or 
NTPv4 (ntpd) is supported in Linux has nothing to do with me or the 
Corps, but the only version we support is ntpd. If you need help with 
xntpd or Linux, others on this list may be able to help.

So far as I know, ntpd is now distributed with Linux and FreeBSD, but it 
is true that some others, Solaris among them, distribute xntpd. 
Nevertheless, while you call it xntpd, your running version is ntpd.

Note the prefix of your log messages. It is not possible for the kernel 
to simulate that. I conclude the source has been changed. I have no 
problem at all with that, but the only way I can be completely confident 
with help is with the unabridged version that leaves here.

The stance on man pages is strictly purposeful and with uncompromising 
agenda. Man pages are not produced by me; the only "official" 
documentation produced by me is in html. The html documentation does 
change from time to time with varying degrees of fidelity and timeliness 
when morphed to man pages. I do not do that and have recommended against 
that. The only version I stand by, warts typos and whatever, is in html. 
The online documentation relates to the current snapshot; the 
distribution documentation relates to that specific distribution. Which 
distribution your man pages apply to is a matter of wild speculation.


Tom Smith wrote:

> David L. Mills wrote:
>> Brett,
>> The comments you show in the log do not occur in the version that 
>> leaves here, so your code has been modified. Rather more intersting is 
>> the verison claimed in the log is NTPv4 (ntpd), not NTPv3 (xntpd).
>> I don't know what your intention is with the log trace, which is not a 
>> good measure of perforance. See the documentation on ntpq in the 
>> distribution.
>> There are no man pages in the distribution. I don't know where you are 
>> findng them. The official documentation from me is in html.
>> Dave
> Dave,
> Perhaps the log messages you can't find are the messages that originate
> with the kernel regarding the state of the kernel PLL? The rest
> all seem to be in the currently released source.
> Every commercial OS distribution I know of that includes NTP calls
> it "xntpd" to provide upwards compatibility for end-user scripts,
> etc. Linux is the only UNIX-like distribution I am familiar with that
> provides "ntpd", and, even so, some distributions still provide at least
> a link to "xntpd". This is all regardless of version. The SUSE Linux RPM
> for ntp, for example, is named "xntp-4.2.0a...".
> man pages are usually, if not always, provided as transcripts of the
> HTML-only documentation to fit into the conventional UNIX documentation
> scheme that users are familiar with. I know these exist on Tru64,
> HP-UX, Solaris, and Linux, but I'm sure a Google search for xntpd(1)
> would find a lot more of them.
> -Tom

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