[ntp:questions] Re: Correcting my time servers clock drift on Alpha ES40s / Tru64

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Sun Oct 23 14:51:25 UTC 2005

At 2:58 PM +0000 2005-10-23, Tom Smith wrote:

>  The prefix on log messages comes strictly from the name of the executable
>  (and its PID), not from the bits within it. It is used to show the source
>  of the message. The version is shown in the log at the time (x)ntpd starts:
>  20 Jul 17:40:44 xntpd[764]: ntpd 4.0.98a Wed Oct 16 17:36:24 EDT 2002

	Right, as Dave said -- it has been changed.  Starting with 4.0, 
the source code was renamed back to "ntpd", not "xntpd".  So, anyone 
shipping something called "xntpd" which claims a version of 4.0 or 
greater means that they must have modified the source code or made 
other changes.

	Whatever those other changes are, we're unlikely to be able to 
help them.  They would need to contact their vendor for support on 
those issues.  Now, if they want to upgrade to a more recent version 
of ntpd from the official source, we'd be more likely to be able to 
help them, at least with issues pertaining to that code.

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