[ntp:questions] a few questions about broadcast

vrkid0 at gmail.com vrkid0 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 23 17:49:38 UTC 2005


I want to move my subnet from using unicast to using broadcast. The
current setup is as follows: 2 local servers poll (unicast) from 2
external (on the internet) servers at stratum 2 (making my 2 local
servers stratum 3). All the other systems poll from the 2 local servers
and peer with each other (making them stratum 4).
I want to move to broadcast to simplify client setup, add reliability
and accuracy. I setup my 2 main servers to broadcast and 1 client to be
broadcast client (for testing) and have the following questions:
1. Does having 2 broadcast server add to the accuracy of the clients?
2. I tried to have on the client in addition to the "broadcastclient"
directive the "server" and "fudge" directives for local synchronization
in case there is a network outage (slim chance, but none the less) and
it didn't work. Why?
3. I noticed that on the client when I run `ntpq -p` it sees all the
servers on the subnet even though only 2 servers broadcast, and while
only 2 servers are stratum 3 and all the others are on stratum 4, the
broadcast client moved between the servers in stratum 4 ignoring the
broadcast servers in stratum 3. Why?


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