[ntp:questions] Re: Correcting my time servers clock drift on Alpha ES40s / Tru64

David L. Mills mills at udel.edu
Mon Oct 24 04:56:21 UTC 2005


Assuming ntpd (NTPv4) is running but renamed xntpd (NTPv3), those log 
comments cited here ARE in the latest ntpd distribution. They show the 
exact intended behavior. At least the comment cited in my last message 
is NOT in the latest distribution.

The time and effort to deal with issues like this where the vendor has 
casually modified the code and/or program name are not in the best 
interest of discussion here. The only really useful policy is to 
identify the version that leaves the distribution site and refer 
questions about modified versions to the vendors involved. There are 
ways to do that and some software distributors use them. We need a 
cryptographic signature in the distribution. That could be included in 
the banner in the system log.


Tom Smith wrote:

> Brad Knowles wrote:
>> At 2:58 PM +0000 2005-10-23, Tom Smith wrote:
>>>  The prefix on log messages comes strictly from the name of the 
>>> executable
>>>  (and its PID), not from the bits within it. It is used to show the 
>>> source
>>>  of the message. The version is shown in the log at the time (x)ntpd 
>>> starts:
>>>  20 Jul 17:40:44 xntpd[764]: ntpd 4.0.98a Wed Oct 16 17:36:24 EDT 2002
>>     Right, as Dave said -- it has been changed.  Starting with 4.0, 
>> the source code was renamed back to "ntpd", not "xntpd".  So, anyone 
>> shipping something called "xntpd" which claims a version of 4.0 or 
>> greater means that they must have modified the source code or made 
>> other changes.
> ntpd V4.2.0 built from source and started via a link named "xntpd":
> Oct 23 00:34:02 seeaxp xntpd[56499]: ntpd 4.2.0 at 1.1161-r Tue Feb  8 
> 16:04:28 EST 2005 (1)
> Oct 23 00:34:02 seeaxp xntpd[56499]: precision = 1.000 usec
> Oct 23 00:34:02 seeaxp xntpd[56499]: kernel time sync status 0040
> Oct 23 00:34:02 seeaxp xntpd[56499]: frequency initialized -4.469 PPM 
> from /cluster/members/{memb}/etc/ntp.drift
> Oct 23 00:34:11 seeaxp xntpd[56499]: synchronized to [IP], stratum=1
> Oct 23 00:34:11 seeaxp xntpd[56499]: kernel time sync disabled 0041
> Oct 23 00:34:13 seeaxp xntpd[56499]: kernel time sync enabled 0001

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