[ntp:questions] Autokey problems as well

DJ drnj at freemail.redherring.co.uk
Mon Oct 24 22:43:52 UTC 2005

I followed the instructions:


For example, trusted host Alice generates keys using

ntp-keygen -H -T -I -p xyz

where H specifies a new host key, T the trusted certificate, I the IFF
identity scheme and p the password used to encrypt the private key
files. The group key file is ntpkey_IFFpar_alice.filestamp, where
filestamp represents the NTP time in seconds when the file was

Host Bob generate keys using

ntp-keygen -H -p abc

where abc is different for each group host. The trusted host generates
a password-protected group key using

ntp-keygen -q xyz -p abc -e >temp

AND all I get, on Bob, is

packet: bad data 400 from address:

What's going on with autokey ?

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