[ntp:questions] Re: Small fixed offset

ariel.burbaickij at gmail.com ariel.burbaickij at gmail.com
Fri Oct 28 13:38:38 UTC 2005

Neither, nor.

We have network in central part of USA. There some traffic
is flowing. Monitoring equipment is located in Central Europe (there
are plenty of reasons for placing it there). Signals from
USA are backhauled via optical fibre cable to this
monitoring equipment. Monitoring equpment represents
NTP client which gets the time from NTP server also located
in Central Europe. All signals from network in States are timestamped
at their arrival at the interface of monitoring equipement. Now, as the
timestamp should show the time as the signals were indeed on wire
in States and not the time they were on wire in States + network
latency time   the clock on the monitoring equipment must be
slightly behind (150 ms) from the real time. So how we intend
to do this is to feed the monitoring equipment with the time
from NTP server with GPS unit locally attached with the the fudge value
of -150 ms.  Is it workable approach?

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