[ntp:questions] leap second at the end of December?

David Magda dmagda+trace050401 at ee.ryerson.ca
Mon Oct 31 23:15:39 UTC 2005


Just ran across this now, but it seems that there will be a leap
second on December 31 of this year:


                                  UTC TIME STEP
                            on the 1st of January 2006
    A positive leap second will be introduced at the end of December
    2005.  The sequence of dates of the UTC second markers will be:
                          2005 December 31,     23h 59m 59s
                          2005 December 31,     23h 59m 60s
                          2006 January   1,      0h  0m  0s
    The difference between UTC and the International Atomic Time TAI is:
  from 1999 January 1, 0h UTC, to 2006 January 1  0h UTC  : UTC-TAI = - 32s
  from 2006 January 1, 0h UTC, until further notice       : UTC-TAI = - 33s
    Leap seconds can be introduced in UTC at the end of the months of
    December or June, depending on the evolution of UT1-TAI. Bulletin
    C is mailed every six months, either to announce a time step in
    UTC or to confirm that there will be no time step at the next
    possible date.

I'm curious to know how many people's countdowns will be messed up. :)

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