[ntp:questions] Re: w32tm DC error

Ry malayter at gmail.com
Thu Apr 6 22:34:52 UTC 2006

WIndows XP comes preconfigured to sync with the Microsoft time servers,
so I'm not sure why you want to change anything.

If you want to check how close it is, you've got your syntax messed up.
You need this
  w32tm /monitor /computers:time.windows.com

But that only shows you the difference between your clock. To force it
to actually change your clock, do
  w32tm /resync /rediscover

Obviously your time zone has to be set correctly, and the computer
clock needs to be within 1000 seconds of the "real" time to begin with
or Windows won't set it. And the Windows time service must be running
and set to "automatic" startup.

Also, Windows doesn't just set the time, it "slews" your clock so it
runs faster or slower until it matches the real time. So you might not
see the effects right away.

Finally, the windows time service in XP will only keep your clock to
within about 1 second of the real time. If you need better time than
that, you need to install the "real" NTP on Windows XP.

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