[ntp:questions] Re: w32tm DC error

Franz f.mayer at web.de
Fri Apr 7 11:44:43 UTC 2006

Ry, thanks for your post - the w32time-blur is clearing bit by bit ...

I set the configuration back to default, but when I tried command
"w32tm /monitor /computers:time.windows.com", it says (even when
the firewall is off):
time.windows.com []:
    ICMP: error IP_REQ_TIMED_OUT - no response in 1000ms
    NTP: error ERROR_TIMEOUT - no response from server in 1000ms

In http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=224799 it says: "All client
desktops select an authenticating domain controller (the domain
controller returned by DSGetDCName()) as their time source."
It seems that the DC is not properly set. But I have no idea how I can
find out, which DC I am currently using and how to change the DC. My
current SNTP value is: time.windows.com,0x1

Any hint why time is not synchronizing?

Thanks in advance!

Regards, Franz

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