[ntp:questions] Re: w32tm DC error

Franz f.mayer at web.de
Mon Apr 10 14:26:30 UTC 2006

Hi Ry!

Thanks for your help. I changed the sntp, like you said, but it's still
not working. I tried to connect to some other addresses, like
europe.pool.ntp.org or similar, but still it is not working.

I also though that port 123 might be blocked, but ethereal shows that
WinXP still sends and receives NTP packets (but it might be that the
NTP packets are just send inside the group?!). In the EventViewer I did
not see any bad warnings regarding time.

the command netstat -a say the following:
UDP    computer:ntp           *:*

So i thought the NTP port should be ok - i cannot see port 123, but
":ntp". Is there any other command with whom i can check if port 123 is
listening or active?

Regards, Franz

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