[ntp:questions] Re: Different types of associations in the ntpq billboard

Heiko Gerstung heiko.gerstung_removeme_ at meinberg.de
Tue Apr 11 07:12:12 UTC 2006

Danny Mayer schrieb:
> Heiko Gerstung wrote:
> I'm pretty sure that when I was testing this it showed a 'b' in that
> column. I will have to check. I seem to remember that it's a 'u' until
> it completes validation since it really is client server at that point.
> I don't think that I checked without authentication and I wasn't able to
> check windows for that.

The "u" stays there even after a reach of 377 has been, well, reached :-)

I would prefer that it sets the type directly at the point when it 
mobilizes the association, to indicate what caused this line to appear.

I will take a look into the code...


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