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Sat Apr 15 07:26:20 UTC 2006

Good that somebody else than me thinks that it is a problem. Then it might be worth fixing it "officially". I have investigated the matter a bit further and found an open bug describing the problem ( Unfortunatelly I'm not a C-programmer so I can't solve it myself. I will however see if I can find someone to help me, since this is a major problem for my customer. I have a test environment set up for trying to solve the problem, so if somebody feels up to the task I could quickly test it.
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Ämne: [ntp:questions] Re: Retrying DNS lookups w/o restarting ntpd

In article <983F6CA38FB43344844698F1B7D573E9105608 at> roger.lindholm at (Lindholm Roger) writes:
$Is it possible to make ntpd retry failed DNS lookups periodically =
$without having to restart the process? I am running 4.2.0 on Windows.

   Not that this helps you, but I have the same problem running 4.1.1
on a version of Unix, so it's not something specific to 4.2 or
to Windows.
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