[ntp:questions] Re: WWVB 60kHz Receiver

Hal Murray hmurray at suespammers.org
Sun Apr 16 09:06:08 UTC 2006

>The WWVB signal has become degraded in recent years and now all WWVB 
>receivers here have been retired. Here in Delaware we are on the 100 
>microvolt per meter contour (before the WWVB transmitter upgrade) and 
>normally this would be sufficient for good accuracy. However, at least 
>here in Newark, there is another strong signal on 60 kHz that interferes 
>with WWVB. I chased this down to power-line conducted EMI and found the 
>interferiing signal was well above the noise several miles from campus. 
>It's not clear where it originates, but the prime suspect is a power 
>inverter for an arc welder at the Chrysler plant in town.

I'm not a wizard at this stuff.  CPUs are cheap these days.

Would it be possible to pull the signal out of the junk
with some serious DSP hacking?

At the back of an envelope level, how would one answer
that question?

On the other hand, NIST recently upgraded the transmitter
at WWVB, so somebody must think this is a valuable service.
Do they have anybody tracking the EMI issues?

Who uses WWVB these days?  Have serious time hackers all switched
to GPS, leaving "atomic clocks" as the only customer?

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