[ntp:questions] Re: D-link and hardcoded ntp servers

Thomas Tornblom thomas at Hax.SE
Tue Apr 18 12:39:03 UTC 2006

I have just realized that it may not be the D-link router that is at
fault this time, but problems with a few of the servers on
se.pool.ntp.org. The servers on the 192.36.143.x network, which are
part of se.pool.ntp.org, are not accessible from the largest ISP in
sweden, Telia, due to a long (~20 years) personal problem between
Telia and the owner of these servers.

I have now switched to use europe.pool.ntp.org instead, and it appears
to work fine.

Personally I believe the 192.36.143.x servers should be removed from
se.pool.ntp.org as long as they filter traffic from Telia.

The router can also now take time from an ntp server on the LAN. I had
problems with this previously, but that might have been a transient
problem with with my ntp server, or older firmware.

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