[ntp:questions] Re: Windows won't settle

Richard B. Gilbert rgilbert88 at comcast.net
Thu Apr 20 03:28:06 UTC 2006

David Rush wrote:
> Well, I spoke too soon, I think.  Machine 2 stayed within 100 ms only 
> for a little more than half an hour.  It strayed as much as -1.6 seconds 
> before correcting back to +0.0018 sec.  Then it did this 
> minor-drift-and-correct dance a couple times, and now it's strayed to 
> over +9 seconds in about 80 minutes.  Hey, it just corrected back to 
> -0.13 sec.
> After the initial success with machine 2, I ran the same magic commands 
> on machine 1, and it's stayed within 1 second for over 5 hours now.
> Any more suggestions?  Or should I give it more time before passing 
> judgment?

Windows is simply not very good about keeping time!  It can lose clock 
interrupts when busy.  Starting and stopping the multimedia timers can 
mess up the clock.

W32TIME is an implementation of SNTP rather than NTP.  It's not even a 
very good implementation of SNTP. You may get better results with NTP. 
Then again, Windows being Windows, you may not.

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