[ntp:questions] problem of ntpd on W2K DCs

BigHug elliwang at gmail.com
Tue Apr 25 19:37:45 UTC 2006

I try to install ntpd (v4.2.0a) on our windows servers. On our W2K
domain controllers, the ntpd  won't get settle. The clock drift is over
500 ppm. After stopping ntpd, the clock is still drifting over 1000
ppm. However, after I rebooted the box, the ntpd acts normal and the
drift is about 20 ppm.  It happened on 3 DCs, but did not happen on
other servers.

There are no other time services running besides ntpd.
ntp.conf has sever command with iburst and driftfile command.
ntpd is from Meinberg with -g option.

What puzzle me is that after I stop ntpd the clock still went wild
until reboot. Does ntpd change system/kernel even being stopped?

Thanks for any help.

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