[ntp:questions] Re: bug in ntp-stable-4.2.0a-20060224 on clock field output by ntpq -c rv

degiy at yahoo.fr degiy at yahoo.fr
Thu Apr 27 13:01:06 UTC 2006

In fact, we use the output provided by ntpq -c rv.
Among the several fields we extract from this output, stands the
"clock" hexa string and its human readable translation, e.g. "Thu, Apr
13 2006 15:52:36.253"
We parse it with a shell script to feed an ntpd mib who can be asked
through snmp requests. That's the main reason why we needed to roll
back to the previous version (at least for the time being). The hexa
string is not so confortable when it comes to split it into seconds,
months and so on just using bare bourne shell ;-). Off course a better
solution would be to add some code from ntpq to netsnmp but no one has
enough time to spare on it, in addition the shell option as an
extension of snmpd works for all the OS we are using ntp with (not only

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