[ntp:questions] Re: problem of ntpd on W2K DCs

Martin Burnicki martin.burnicki at meinberg.de
Thu Apr 27 14:34:07 UTC 2006


David J Taylor wrote:
> BigHug wrote:
> []
>> Dave,
>> I have stable problems using the latest Meinbeg build have to use the
>> old build without -M. After I stop ntpd, I run ntpdate -q to check the
>> drift.
> OK, well I don't know what the problem might be, then.  I haven't tried
> these different versions on Domain Controllers.

This shouldn't be related to Domain Contoller or not. There's currently a
problem which lets ntpd trap on some machines, but we don't no yet, why.

can you run some program on such a machine which modifies the multimedia
timer? E.g. Quicktime does so, if it is just started. Does the clock sync
settle if you keep such a program running continuously?

Martin Burnicki

Meinberg Funkuhren
Bad Pyrmont

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