[ntp:questions] Re: PPS working or not? FreeBSD 5.4

Eugen COCA ecoca at eed.usv.ro
Thu Feb 2 09:48:59 UTC 2006

For sure, FreeBSD does not have PPS_SYNC enabled by default.

NTP developers say that the ntpd service does not need PPS_SYNC enabled
as you activate PPS in ntp.conf (enable pps). But, as we may see in the
graphs, there is an enormous difference between the two configurations.

All my three servers are "web enabled" and the configurations are
visible if you put the mouse over the "hardware" word in the page.

The main problem (as I think) with your configuration is that the GPS
receiver does not see the whole sky. I have 2 GPS receivers (one of
them connected with ntp1 and the other with ntp2 and ntp3 - YES, it
works) mounted on the top of the roof (100% clear sky). Your error is
almost the same at almost the same time. Look at the graphs !

You may test all your servers with only one GPS receiver, at the same
time. I made a test and it works - one GPS receiver and three servers.

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