[ntp:questions] Re: HowTo calibrate system clock frequency using NTP

Daniel Kabs daniel.kabs at gmx.de
Fri Feb 3 09:26:32 UTC 2006

David L. Mills wrote:
> Yes the sign reverses when measuring from the local or the remote 
> machine. 

Sorry, all my fault. My question "why is this?" was just too vague. :-)

I was not asking about the sign reversal but about the differing results 
(23.17 s/day vs. 23.87 s/day).

> However, your message compared one measurement with another 
> very similar magnitude but sign reversed. Go figure.

Comparing results from Plan A vs. Plan B, I currently fail to figure why 
there is this difference.

Maybe it has to do with acquiring the offset for Plan B. I read the 
"offset" variable using

   ntpq -c 'rv <assoc_id_of_peer>'

but which variable reflects the time when this offset was measured: Is 
is the value "reftime", "org", "rec" or "xmt"?


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