[ntp:questions] Re: Errors with NMEA refclock

Jed Clear clear at alum.mit.edu
Fri Feb 3 20:10:05 UTC 2006

David J Taylor wrote:
> Jed Clear wrote:
> > David J Taylor wrote:
> >> No, it seemed that the sync still worked OK.  I saw the same 0x03
> >> errors on the FreeBSD system before I rebuilt the kernel to have the
> >> PPS_SYNC option.  Since then, there's no console on that system, so
> >> I might still be getting the errors!  [FreeBSD folk - what file
> >> should I "cat"?]
> >
> > /var/log/ntpd
> > /var/log/messages
> > [exec, not cat] dmesg [although these should be captured in
> > /var/log/messages]
> Thanks, Jed.  Cat rather than exec did actually do the job (even if
> there's a better way). 

I was referring to dmesg being a command which dumps the kernel message buffer. 
However there are daily snapshots of dmesg output filed in cat'able files as
/var/log/dhcp.*.  I thought there was a capture of dmesg from after the last
boot somewhere too. [man dmesg] Ah, that's in /var/run/dmesg.boot.  Very useful
if your system has been up a while and you need to review what hardware and
drivers are loaded.

Although I suppose one could always do:

	dmesg | cat

Unix is such a wonderful OS. :-)


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