[ntp:questions] Re: Staying in state 3 for a long time

David L. Mills mills at udel.edu
Mon Feb 6 22:21:35 UTC 2006


When you start ntpd without a frequency file it will indeed stay in 
state 3 for about 15 minutes in order to accurately calibrate and 
correct for the intrinsic clock oscillator frequency error within 1 PPM. 
After that the time and frequency should be within nominals and the 
state change to 4. After one hour the current frequency will be written 
to file and nevermore should you ever see state 3.


Joel Shellman wrote:

> What triggers the move from state 3 to state 4?
> I have ntpd -q -g and then ntpd running in the linux
> bootscripts and then I watch ntpd afterwards. ntpd -c
> rv is showing state 3 for 10 minutes after boot before
> it finally goes into state 4. What has to be satisfied
> for it to move to state 4? Is there something I can do
> to help that along?
> I already am using iburst on the server line.
> Thanks.
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