[ntp:questions] How to enable "kernel time sync disabled 0041"

Akshay Badhe akshay at zedo.com
Fri Feb 10 22:08:40 UTC 2006

some how i have managed to get me in problem now i am getting this in my
because i did something stupid & it is not getting enabled. Can you
please tell me how to enable it coz before that everything was working fine.

10 Feb 18:09:31 ntpd[31653]: ntpd exiting on signal 15
10 Feb 18:15:28 ntpd[4963]: synchronized to, stratum 1
10 Feb 18:14:21 ntpd[4963]: time reset -67.428018 s
10 Feb 18:14:21 ntpd[4963]: kernel time sync disabled 0041
11 Feb 00:58:31 ntpd[4761]: process_private: failed auth 1
info_auth_keyid 65535 pkt keyid 1

& now this is the error i get.

Akshay Badhe

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