[ntp:questions] Re: symmetric-active mode (peer) and autokey

Peter Pramberger peter.pramberger at 1012surf.net
Sun Feb 12 16:25:47 UTC 2006

Steve Kostecke schrieb:
> My authenticated peers have both been upgraded to the
> ntp-dev-4.2.0b-20060201 snapshot and are both reporting flash=00 ok,
> flags=0x87f23 for their authenticated peer associations.

Confirmed. Working here too with leapsecond files and the latest development

> BTW: I did have both peers synced to my local stratum-1 box ("ntp0", a
> Soekris 4801 w/ a Garmin GPS18-LVC) and noticed that this caused both
> peers to report flash=800 even though the flags were correct. After
> removing ntp0 from one of the peers (and waiting for the poll intervals
> to expire) the flash codes changed to "00 ok".

I always get flash=800 reported when the association isn't synchronized.

I also noticed that the poll interval isn't reset when rekeying occurs. This
means that - depending on the current poll interval - it may take a very long
time (eg. 3-7 cyles with pi=1024 -> ~1-2h) until both peers have
resynchronized. Is this intended?


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