[ntp:questions] Re: what is the typical linux kernel clock like?

Richard B. Gilbert rgilbert88 at comcast.net
Fri Feb 17 00:50:09 UTC 2006

Thomas A. Horsley wrote:
> I was mostly asking if linux clocks still suffer from missed time of day
> interrupts.
> Everyone has been responding with what a great server linux can be, but I'm
> more interested in a heavily loaded linux client machine. Will ntpd still
> flake out and have to start doing settimeofday calls if lots of timer
> interrupts disappear because bad video drivers have interrupts held off
> while rendering opengl teapots and such :-).

Fortunately, machines used to "render opengl teapots" seldom need 
accurate time!

With the clock interrupt running at 100HZ Linux can keep reasonably good 
time.  Setting a higher value of HZ will most likely expose everything 
that masks or disables interrupts and keep time rather badly!

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