[ntp:questions] Re: setting CONFIG_HZ=2000 makes ntpd go crazy

Hai Zaar haizaar at gmail.com
Fri Feb 17 11:34:55 UTC 2006

> Have you recompiled NTP after you have changed the HZ setting for your
> kernel? I could imagine that ntpd goes weird if it assumes a different
> value for HZ than the kernel actually uses ...
As far as I've found, recompilation of NTP is not needed. NTP compiled
against 2000HZ kernel sources works fine whenever I switch to 1000HZ
or 250HZ.. In the same manner, under 2000HZ NTP never works - no
matter how I compile it.

I'm not sure NTP need kernel sources at all... Does it?

> Martin
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> Martin Burnicki
> Meinberg Funkuhren
> Bad Pyrmont
> Germany


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