[ntp:questions] Local NTP for 5 Subnets

mrkofee at googlemail.com mrkofee at googlemail.com
Thu Feb 23 10:11:48 UTC 2006


we have ~50 PC's in 5 Subnets and want to synchronize them to a local
NTP Server.
I've installed the ntp Package on Debian and configured it like
described on http://www.brennan.id.au/09-Network_Time_Protocol.html so
my ntp.conf looks like this:

server ntp1.uni-erlangen.de
server ntp2.uni-erlangen.de
server europe.pool.ntp.org
restrict default kod nomodify notrap noquery nopeer
restrict 0.pool.ntp.org mask nomodify notrap noquery
restrict ntp1.uni-erlangen.de mask nomodify notrap
restrict europe.pool.ntp.org mask nomodify notrap
restrict mask nomodify notrap
server     # local clock
fudge  stratum 5
driftfile       /var/lib/ntp/drift
broadcastdelay  0.008
keys            /etc/ntp/keys

But everytime I want to sync one of the Clients Clock I get an error
like "ntpdate [xxxxx] no server suitable for synchronisation found" or
on Windows something like "timecheck refused: Peer stratum lower than
host Stratum"

can someone help me?
Greetings Tom

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