[ntp:questions] Re: Local NTP for 5 Subnets

Maarten Wiltink maarten at kittensandcats.net
Thu Feb 23 12:19:59 UTC 2006

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> we have ~50 PC's in 5 Subnets and want to synchronize them to a local
> NTP Server.
> I've installed the ntp Package on Debian and configured it like
> described on http://www.brennan.id.au/09-Network_Time_Protocol.html so
> my ntp.conf looks like this:
> But everytime I want to sync one of the Clients Clock I get an error
> like "ntpdate [xxxxx] no server suitable for synchronisation found" or
> on Windows something like "timecheck refused: Peer stratum lower than
> host Stratum"

The clients should all have the same configuration file, but a different
one from the server(s). Most importantly, the clients should _not_ have
a local clock configured. They should do just fine with a single-line
configuration file "server <local-ntp-server>", although adding a drift
file is common and recommended.

That is, if you have all your clients talking to the server. If you want
a broadcasting server and silent clients, I can't tell you what to do.

I second David's advice to turn off all access restrictions first to get
something working, then add them back as required and desired. Don't
forget to punch the right holes in any firewalls.

Ntpdate works only if ntpd isn't running. Unix tends to start daemons
through scripts that you can edit, so you can easily make it run ntpdate
before starting ntpd, or you can add the "-g" parameter to ntpd which
does much the same thing. Windows is more awkward; there are no scripts
and it's harder to get the parameter passed. Read the Wiki.

Maarten Wiltink

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