[ntp:questions] Re: New NTP version for Windows with GUI setupavailable

Danny Mayer mayer at ntp.isc.org
Thu Jan 5 21:43:44 UTC 2006

David J Taylor wrote:
> Danny Mayer wrote:
>>David J Taylor wrote:
>>>Just a small point, but it would be nice if ntpd used the event
>>>number ID on Windows as well.  At the moment, all events have an
>>>event ID of 3, whereas there could be different numbers for (say)
>>>startup, shutdown, time resets, change of sync source,
>>>initialisation messages etc.  The Windows event viewer allows you to
>>>filter by event ID.
>>Actually it does. Errors are log as event ID of 1, Info to 3, and
>>warnings to 2. We could add categories but the syslog calls would need
>>to be changed too. That's actually quite a bit of work. I usually see
>>event IDs 1 and 3.
> Oh, thanks for that, Danny.  It looks like I'm only seeing "info" events, 
> so only "normal" operation - which is how it should be!  I guess my 
> follow-on question might be: "Should time resets (except immediately after 
> start-up) be "info" or "warning" level?"
> Cheers,
> David 
In my opinion, info. It's just telling you what it did. There's nothing
wrong with that since it's the intended behavior.


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