[ntp:questions] Re: 4.2a headaches

Jeffrey Williams jeff at sailorfej.net
Thu Jan 5 20:39:49 UTC 2006

I just realized this email did not go to the list, I also wanted to add 
the postscript:


Thanks for the response. I had two servers was on public nets, I was
also serving time for a number of my consulting clients in addition to
my own boxes.  I might follow Steve's suggestion and put them behind my
firewall, although I don't like adding the complication to my firewall
rules.  I will probably leave at least one of them open, I was already
considering offering was a public server.

Are there any major issues with remaining on 4.1 for a period? or will
that annoy my upstream neighbors?


PS: By the way guys, in case I sound like just another cranky user. 
Thanks for the great tool that is absolutely critical to my environment. 
  You are definitely on my donation list. -Jeff

Danny Mayer wrote:
> David L. Mills wrote:
>>DNS host names on restrict lines work just fine. I verified this just now.
> Dave,
> Yes they do. However, the server on the server line can have multiple IP
> addresses associated with them and a restrict line generates a separate
> DNS lookup and may get a different IP address. This is especially true
> with the pool. The better way is to either save the IP address
> information or automatically allow addresses on a server line to be
> added to the list of allowed addresses.
> Danny
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