[ntp:questions] Re: Time set backward

David L. Mills mills at udel.edu
Fri Jan 6 18:55:10 UTC 2006


In the reference implementation that leaves here, packets are sent 
regardless of whether the time has been set forward or backward. In the 
kernel implementation that leaves here, time is always monotonically 
increasing except when explicitly set backward more than two seconds. 
This may not account for various modifications by folks after the code 
has left here.


ssubrama wrote:
> I've an observation on the  NTP-4.2.0 version. We have loaded this 
> version and  working properly without any issues.
> But when we changed the system clock say 1 hour backward by mistake, to 
> our surprise there is no packet sent to destination till that 1 hr gets 
> elapsed.
> For example, when we changed the system time from 15.00 to 14.00 hrs, 
> there was no packet sent from ntpd daemon to destination time source 
> till the clock becomes 15.00 hrs. This 1hr the daemon was idle.
> Is this as per the design or something we need to take care of in the 
> ntp.conf file? If this is as per design how we should overcome this 
> issue. I know, this is all due to the POSIX timers which is used in the 
> daemon source.
> Pl suggest us how to overcome this?
> Thanks in advance
> Sivakumar
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