[ntp:questions] Re: Setting maxpoll interval with 'ntpdc'

Per Hedeland per at hedeland.org
Tue Jan 10 20:25:55 UTC 2006

In article <8830683A4191A3439C34E10BDEB1BD0029BF4E at exchange.MIROGE>
kgolder at spectracomcorp.com (Kevin Golder) writes:
>Well, while playing I found that if you use the ntpdc 'addserver'
>command and place a integer in place of the 'prefer' option it uses that
>as the minpoll value.  If you enter an incorrect integer it spits out
>that you've used an invalid minpoll value.  I didn't see this minpoll
>argument documented anywhere and haven't been successful finding a way
>to edit the maxpoll.

ntpdc> help addserver
function: configure a new server
usage: addserver [ -4|-6 ] addr [ keyid ] [ version ] [ minpoll|prefer ]

If you look at the code in ntpdc/ntpdc_ops.c:doconfig(), it shouldn't be
hard to figure out that a) the usage line is actually correct in this
respect, i.e. there is no way to pass in a maxpoll value, and that b)
the ntpdc<->ntpd protocol actually seems to allow for it - and then it's
just a SMOP to implement the functionality in ntpdc...

--Per Hedeland
per at hedeland.org

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