[ntp:questions] Re: Sure RPC DCF77 clock under Linux?

Serge Bets serge.bets at NOSPAM.laposte.invalid
Wed Jan 11 20:21:08 UTC 2006

Hello Ulrich,

 On Monday, January 9, 2006 at 11:56:45 +0100, Ulrich Mueller wrote:

> At second 0 there are _two_ pulses: The first pulse starts at 0 ms and
> is 102 ms wide. The second pulse starts at about 200 ms; however, it
> has no precise timing, I have seen times between 200 ms and 225 ms.

Looking at the picture the 2nd pulse seems 100 ms wide. If at plain
hours you get 3 pulses of 100 ms, and twice a day 4 such pulses, then
you are hearing the Swiss radio HBG on 75 kHz. The coding is very
compatible with the German DCF77. Drivers should be able to decode both,
unless they choke on the different minute markers.

Serge point Bets arobase laposte point net

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