[ntp:questions] Re: refclock_wwv development version

David L. Mills mills at udel.edu
Sat Jan 14 16:54:26 UTC 2006


Wrong define. Fudge time1 is the propagation delay for WWV, fudge time2 
is the delay for WWVH. Folks in range of both stations really need both 
fudges. There is nothing left over for the codec frequency offset. When 
and if the configuration code is modernized and in particular when the 
anal retentive mode-7 configuration format goes away, all this can be 
easily fixed.


Harlan Stenn wrote:

> I asked Dave about this in email a little while ago.
> By my read, the existing code says it uses fudgetime2, while the pending
> changes from Dave uses the FREQ_OFFSET compile-time constant (which defaults
> to 0).
> It seems to me it is better to leave this tweakable in the config file
> instead of requiring a recompile, but that's just my opinion.
> H

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