[ntp:questions] Looking for time sync hardware supported under Linux for under $400?

Mark Hansen meh at NOSPAMwinfirst.com
Tue Jan 17 19:26:04 UTC 2006

It is possible to find a time synchronization device which is
supported by the NTP software (NTP version 4.2.0.a on CentOS 4.2)
for under $400?

In looking at the various solutions, all I see one units which
appear to be pretty expensive. Are there less-expensive (perhaps
GPS-based) units which are supported by NTP?

For example, I found the InSync GPS Master Clock, shown here:


but it appears to want to use its own Windows-based driver, and I
don't see it mentioned in the 'Comprehensive list of clock drivers'
which is included in the documentation for the NTP server.

Is there anything available in the few-hundred-dollar price range?


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