[ntp:questions] NTS multicast response on IPv6

Mauricio Schramm mauricio.schramm at gmail.com
Wed Jan 18 11:26:50 UTC 2006


    I'm trying to set up an NTP server that answers multicast requests from
IPv6 clients without any success. I just don't know if the problem is with
the client or with the server and I don't have a reliable test tool to make
sure if any of them is correctly set. Does someone already tried this with
success? I tried it with up to date Red Hat Linux and Free BSD and Open BSD
servers and it never worked. Does someone know if I can use tools like ntpq
to do my tests?

Do you know if something like that is supposed to work:
    ntpq -n -c rv ff05::101
    ntpq -n -c rv ff01::101


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