[ntp:questions] Re: Use of "Atomic Clock" Nomenclature

wa6zvp wa6zvp at gmail.com
Sat Jan 21 17:20:45 UTC 2006

Max Power wrote:
> Use of "Atomic Clock" Nomenclature
> Many WWVB RCC products are labelled (on the product itself or in the
> documentation) as "atomic clocks." This is probably seen by manufacturers as
> a useful marketing tool intended to capture the imagination of potential
> customers, and some might argue that it is appropriate since atomic clocks
> are located at the  WWVB radio transmitter site.
> However, we contend that use of the term "atomic clock" is technically
> incorrect and misleading to consumers, and its usage should be avoided.
> Unless there is actually an atomic oscillator inside the RCC (such as a
> cesium or rubidium oscillator), we recommend that the term "radio controlled
> clock" be used to correctly describe the product.
> Labelling products or documentation with the term "atomic timekeeping" is
> also considered acceptable.

Like the others, I'm curious about what this has to do with this
Its unlikely you will find the phrase 'atomic time/clock' anywhere in
the NTP code.

You can view NIST's statement on this subject at:


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