[ntp:questions] Re: This is tougher than I thought?

Axonn axonnus at gmail.com
Sat Jan 21 17:44:47 UTC 2006

Tim, Richard, thank you for your answers ::- ). I would appreciate some
links of stuff to read and sources to use in this NTP thingy? Could you
please throw some my way? ::- ). I got RFC 1305, but not a single line
of code about NTP.

Tim: I'm pretty fond of Linux myself and I intend to build a game there
in the future (provided nothing unexpected happens in my life) but for
the time being I really want to finish this Win project. It's a long
way already and I wish to give something back to the Internet Community
which helped me so much in my career as a computer programmer. A
freeware (would-be open source) project would be the perfect way to do
it, at least in my view. Anyway, thank you all for your time and

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