[ntp:questions] Re: This is tougher than I thought?

Danny Mayer mayer at ntp.isc.org
Sun Jan 22 21:28:22 UTC 2006

Axonn wrote:
> Thank you David for your assistance. I wish to include NTP
> functionality in my program due to the lack of such features on most
> Windows OS versions and hard-to-find (for the average user) features on
> newer versions. I guess I'll go for using the SNTP. Anyway, it seems
> like I'm gonna  have to go though some serious development work with
> this thing.

You are talking of years of development. Is it worth it to reproduce
what's already available? And don't forget this is a moving target as we
add new features.

> Do you (or anybody here for that matter) happen to know of any FREE
> (preferably open source) DLL that could provide one with a time from a
> NTP server?

NTP is already open-source. There currently are no DLL's built. You are
free to copy any and all parts of the source. Just read and follow the
copyright statement.


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