[ntp:questions] Re: Audit program for scanning hosts for local time accuracy.

Karel Sandler sandler at ujf.cas.cz
Wed Jan 25 14:01:57 UTC 2006

> Assuming proper authentication, does there exist a program to scan a 
> network and display local time for all the hosts it finds?  I seem to 
> recall a program from long ago that would do this, but I have had no luck 
> finding anything similar.
> Most of my clients are windows, but some are unix and of course there is 
> all the cisco/network equipment.

All the cisco equipment I have runs ntpd. An approximate info about the 
local time for nearly all other LAN hosts can be obtained regardless of 
their OS. Such info runs throuh a primary mailserver and a special milter 
might be enough to dig and log the time differences between the 'date' and 
'received' timestamps. But sorry, I don't have such a milter.

Karel Sandler 

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