[ntp:questions] kernel sound patch, was Re: announce PPSkit-2.1.6 (Linux 2.4.32)

rtxo gnu at wraith.sf.ca.us
Wed Jan 25 17:11:01 UTC 2006

Ulrich Windl wrote:
> Hello,
> here's the second extended maintenance relase of PPSkit 2.1.  I just merged
> the previous patch against a more recent kernel. I could not do testing
> however as my current system lacks the required module tools for the older 4.4
> kernel.  The patch also includes patches to compile with gcc-4.02 (as shipped
> with SuSE Linux 10.0). The compiler will spit out tons of warnings, but
> compilation will succeed.

My old rh7.1 (cough) works fine with this patch, although I did need to
patch the sound driver with this backport from 2.6:


I'm using alsa with the patch and it seems fine so far (with mp3's).
Probably the ntp wwv/irig will work fine, too.


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